Tuning Cars Racing Online

Jump into a new and original online racing experience!

web_1900x700_carsFinally YOU have total control of your vehicle, prove you’re the best racer by finding the best tuning configuration and competing online against real opponents!

Discover hundreds of possible combinations, upgrades, tuning options and visual enhancements to make your vehicle unique with the sole task of becoming the no. 1 in the world!

We all loved Hill Climb Race and NFS Underground, mix them together and find out what Tuning Cars Racing has to offer!

  • 12 vehicles with different attributes and driving styles
  • tons of visual upgrades including spoilers, bumpers, exhausts and more
  • aesthetics customization with colors and vinyls
  • real world tuning options that can completely change the performance of your vehicle
  • a unique soundtrack to support your races
  • and much, much more!