Arcane Quest HD
Arcane Quest HD Remaster Released!
February 2, 2017
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January 20, 2020

Arcane Quest Legends – Released!

Arcane Quest Legends Splash

After almost 2 years since the last chapter, a new title in the Arcane Quest series has reached the store.

Arcane Quest Legends is a revolutionary action RPG, hack & slash experience that delivers many hours of gameplay and unique mechanics for you to enjoy.

Return to Auria once again, to defeat evil in this new epic adventure!

For more information, screenshots and other, please visit the ARCANE QUEST LEGENDS OFFICIAL PAGE

Download from Google Play here

Dowload from the App Store here




  1. HOHONNN12 says:

    are you actually going to continue on the next acts???

  2. Robert Barron says:

    Please make more like this absolutely awesome

  3. Sharkus says:

    Please continue to work on this game it is so awesome!

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