Arcane Quest 3 Official Trailer
Arcane Quest 3 – Official Trailer
June 2, 2016
Arcane Quest 3 gets TouchArcade review
July 26, 2016

Arcane Quest 3 has been released on all platforms!

Arcane Quest 3 - Illustration 01


Once again, the Powers of Darkness have returned to threaten the Realm of Auria.
Join an epic journey to restore the honor of your guild and save your people, in this fantastic mix of adventure, role-playing, and strategy game.

Choose your adventurers from 10 unique classes and vanquish hordes of orcs, undead, evil sorcerers and a lot more.

Customize your heroes with more than 150 equipment options, learn powerful spells, and use all your strategy skills to defeat your enemies.

Play real-time multiplayer quests with your friends and players from all around the world.

Create and share your own quests! Infinite gameplay hours are guaranteed by the free level editor.


– Loyal to the classic tabletop games: roll the dice, level up your heroes, acquire new abilities and purchase the best equipment
– Dive into an epic storyline including dozens of quests, find out the secrets of Auria and restore the honor of your guild
– Real-time multiplayer missions to play with other players to obtain great rewards
– Complete quests editor to publish and share your own quests, and play quests created by other players
– Fully translated into English, French, German and Italian

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Arcane Quest 3 on the iTunes Store

Arcane Quest 3 on the Windows 10 Store

Arcane Quest 3 on the Windows Phone Store


  1. Robert C says:

    This is a incredibly excellent game I really enjoy it.

  2. Fernando Rojas says:

    Buenas noches señores le escribo para infórmale que instale arcane quest 3 en un windowsphones 520, 8.1 y después que la instale la ejecuto y resulta que no abre el juego asi que apague el teléfono lo volví a encender y aun sigue con el mismo problema que dr sale ósea no abre por favor arreglen ya que tengo instalado arcane 1 y 2 ahora que quería instalar el 3 y no se puede sin mas que decir atentamente
    Fernando Rojas

  3. Dimitris says:

    I would like to play this game in my windows 7.

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