Arcane Quest 3 game teaser title trailer
Arcane Quest 3 is under development
October 8, 2015
Arcane Quest 3 Alpha
Arcane Quest 3 Alpha now available
March 7, 2016

Arcane Quest 3 – Hero classes presentation

Arcane Quest 3 – Hero classes presentation video trailer


  1. William says:

    Love you past games, this one looks like it’ll be a good one. In this one I hope you give us what we have been asking for or a little of what we’ve been asking for to be able to customize a character’s names our character sex and possibly a character skin tone and/or avatar…

  2. Donald says:

    Great! It seems we are going to have cool 3D graphics!

    I just hope classes are MUCH better balanced than the past games, mainly Arcane Quest Adventures, otherwise it will be resumed to Barbarian/Dwarf doing all the job, like past games.

    Waiting for a future expansion with Druid class 😀

    • TheNex says:

      AQ3 will be much more similar to AQ2, by using 4 heroes. The balance is always an issue, but hopefully the beta test will help.

      The Druid is gone but the amazon has the same abilities to transform into creatures, I just could not find a good 3d model for the druid 🙂

  3. Tutaha says:

    Good to know! I have been a lot of time searching for some RPG board game, and I found arcane quest 2 some time ago and I think no other can replace Arcane Quest series as my favorite!

    We are going to have a nice set of heroes on this new one. Keep working guys, you are doing an excelent job, and I think I’ll be playing this series for Arcane Quest 9, 10, 11….

  4. etms51 says:

    I’d like which this version will be played by Facebook 🙂

  5. yiannis fragkiadoylakis says:

    about the arcane quest ultimate edition i have found some bugs. 1. achievements crash and you have to start over again from the start if you delete the file … else no achievements appear after a while. 2. duarven hammer can be used by the mage also. 3. red ring is not working properly on warrior ..maybe on other classes also…overall yhe game is great and i have downloaded all players quests and i didnt regret bying it.

  6. Skafsgaard says:

    This looks too damn good!

    Anything you can tell us about new gameplay changes or additions?
    Will the game have both a campaign, and roguelike mode with randomised dungeons?
    Anywhere I can find some gameplay videos? I am way too excited about this release!

    Also, most importantly – will it run on an iPhone 4s? It needs to be able to run on a 4s! :))

  7. Ronaldinho says:

    I still play this game after all those years 🙂

    Thanks for the game, and…. any updates in mind? Any class balances or new classes, maps, game modes?