Castle Siege Game

Castle Siege

The Kingdom is in trouble! Are you brave enough?

Evil creatures are threatening the peace of our land, by attacking the king’s castles.
An unnamed hero is summoned to defend the reign, but will he be able to accomplish this task?

Test your skills in this castle defense game. Follow the story of your hero, becoming a legend among his people!

A lot of action, featuring:

  • A funny and exciting storyline
  • 20 different levels to prove your skills
  • Earn money to buy castle, weapon and special upgrades
  • Creatures, mini and final bosses, with different strengths and weaknesses
  • Thousands of different weapon combinations
  • Unique sound effects and music
  • Global leaderboards
  • … and much more!

To play just drag anywhere on the screen to fire your weapon. Check enemies information to know their strength or weakness. Get bonus gold by performing longer shots!