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Castle Siege Released!
September 22, 2012
Summoner Call ArtWork
Summoner Call – Status of update 1.9 – Released!
October 5, 2012

Summoner Call – Update 1.8

Summoner Call ArtWork

Summoner Call ArtWork

Update 1.8 Available

A new update is available for Summoner Call.

Both Android and Windows Phone versions have been updated.


Updating is required to play multiplayer games.

What’s new in this update?

  • 5 New cards for both editions
    • Kill your summon and gain life equal to summon’s attack, magic equal to summon’s defense
    • Deal damage equal to your summon attack + your current attack – unstoppable
    • Steal enemy summon
    • New Summon: Priest of Light – 3/3 – Life +5 when summoned
    • Kill your summon and gain attack equal to summon’s attack, defense equal to summon’s defense
  • 1 New exclusive card for the Unleashed Edition
    • Life +8, Magic +8, no cost to play this card
  • Heroes stats have been rebalanced:
    • Albert – Life 30 (+ 2)  Magic 28 (+2)
    • Alyssa – Life 30 (+ 1.5)  Magic 35 (+2.5)
    • Haggar – Life 35 (+ 2.5)  Magic 25 (+1.5)
  • Changed multiplayer heroes levels to 7, 11 and 15. For example, for short games the starting stats will be:
    • Albert – Life 42  Magic 40
    • Alyssa – Life 39  Magic 50
    • Haggar – Life 50 Magic 34
  • On Android, now single player games can be suspended and resumed without restarting the game, i.e. when receiving a call or pausing the game to do something else.
  • Reduced App size by 30% on Windows Phone (now ~20 MB), by 50% on Android (now ~10 MB) – with minor graphic losses. This will allow easier and more frequent updates
  • Other minor bug fixes

Remember to update custom decks to include the new cards!

Feel free to report any problem or suggestion!




  1. ashley white says:

    I need update

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Ashley,
      the App has already been published. Please consider it takes a while to be distributed in all Windows Phone markets.
      Try again now and then, it should be available in all markets in the next 12-24 hours.


  2. Chris Blanchard says:

    Great game but I dnt like the balance in mutiplayer. If you are level 0-7 you should be on playing people on the same lvl. Its not fair. Fix that and it will be almost perfect

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Chris,
      let me clarify first that the “level” in multiplayer is just to keep a leadboard, it does not affect in any way the game.
      You and your enemy always start with the same amount of life/magic (depending on the hero) and cards (depending on the custom deck you use).

      If you mean that newbie players should not play with experienced players, I understand the issue but there are still not enough people to play the game so that I can do something like this, you would end up waiting long times just to play a game.
      However, for the next update, I will try to implement something different to find multiplayer games more easily, and with a better matchmaking.

      Thanks for your support

  3. Chris Blanchard says: