Summoner Call ArtWork
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May 22, 2012
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July 4, 2012
Summoner Call ArtWork
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May 22, 2012
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July 4, 2012

Summoner Call – Update 1.6

Summoner Call ArtWork

Summoner Call ArtWork

Coming this weekend, hopefully on the 30th of June, a new release 1.6 of Summoner Call will be available in the markets.

This update introduces 2 editions:

– Summoner Call Free: the game you already know, without any change, no locked features, and free to play forever!

– Summoner Call Unleashed: in this 0.99$ edition you will have:

  • ADs free, no more ADs, ever!
  • 2 new exclusive cards
  • Higher limits on daily multiplayer games

With the Unleashed edition you will support the development of the game and the multiplayer server costs.

The game will always be Free to Play, and never Pay to Win, and the free users ย won’t have a great disadvantage.


A new update 1.7 which will fix a major multiplayer bug, when the players are cursed, will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!




  1. Alberto says:

    This is a great game, one of my favourites so far.

    I only miss some forum or somewhere to post ideas and other comments that are hard to follow with a blog’s comment feature.

    Also, I have some card ideas, such as “curse” cards that reduce enemy creature attk/def

    Also, I play this on Archos70IT. Works perfect, but the sidebar provided the Archos eats up a bit of game screen. Luckily I got a custom firmware without such side bar, but you should take this into account for other users with default firmware.


    • TheNex says:

      Hi Alberto
      I would like to hear players ideas but I guess the forum would be desert, even the blog as just a few comments ๐Ÿ™‚
      Feel free to send any suggestions by mail or write it down here, I always read the comments.

      Kind regards

      • Alberto says:

        How about a google code page?

        BTW I sent you a mail with some ideas and such.


        • TheNex says:

          Hi Alberto,
          I replied to your e-mail.

          Thanks for your suggesions

          • Alberto says:

            I got some other ideas and fixes i found interesting:

            Improve AI:
            – CPU do not cast high damage spells while player casted the immuniti spell.
            – CPU do not cast attack spells dealing less damage than player defense.
            – CPU shouldn’t summon a creature with 1 defense if the CPU defense is 0

            Game balancing:
            – You should review the characters’ stats win per level, I think they are a bit unbalanced.

            Deck building:
            – Allow to save decks with less than 60 cards, although they are not eligible to play with.

            Gameral game improvements:
            – Skill settings. I found the game a bit easy after a while.
            – Let the player to see achievements even if offline.
            – Game themes. Let the players to creater their own game cards art, store them in a .zip or .gz or whatever, and saving it to /sdcard/summoner/themes, from within a meno in game allow to choose custom themes.

            That’s all. Cya.

  2. mizare says:

    Hi! This game is awsome!! I would love to swe friend list or some kind of to Play with my friends! Is IT possible?

    • TheNex says:

      for now you can only play multiplayer games with automatic matchmaking. There are usually not many players at the same time, so it wouldn’t be difficult to play with your friends.
      Anyway if you have some idea about it and would like to share, I’d be glad to hear what you think.
      Kind regards

  3. Question says:

    Hey, how come i’m always playing last in all of my multiplayer games ?
    My opponent always get the first move, and i mean always, not “sometimes”. This obviously puts me at a great disadvantage (same as playing “black” on chess).
    What is the “hidden rule” to select who plays first ?

    • TheNex says:

      the first player to join a game always play first.
      If you see there’s an open game an you join it, you will play as second. If there are no open games and you create it, you’ll be the first.


      • Question says:

        Thanks for the info.
        In my opinion, this is a (small) flaw.
        Better randomize who starts first.
        Otherwise, some people will just wait in the lobby for a free slot in order to play first all the time.

        Another potential minor flaw :
        I had a few games where the opponent just gave up on the first turn.
        Such games are mentioned as “draw”.
        Some of these opponents were “High Ranking” ones, so i suspected this was not just a coincidence.
        Is there a way for a player to start a game, look at its hand, and should he doesn’t like it, or should he not like the first move of his opponent, just leave the game immediately to get a “draw” and start another one ?
        Abusing such technique would give such players a serious advantage.

        • TheNex says:

          thanks for your participation.
          About the first problem, randomizing who starts is a really difficult improvement, but I will try to think to some workaround.
          For the second problem there’s not much to do. The “Draw” was introduced because of some players getting disconnected before even starting the game, that resulted in an unfair loss.

          Honestly, I think this is not such a competitive game like Warcraft, LoL or Call of Duty. It’s a simple game to have some fun and relax a few minutes. If there’s really somebody who quit the game because of a bad starting hand, I think they don’t have quite understood the spirit of the game ๐Ÿ™‚

          Kind Regards

          • Question says:

            OK, thanks for answer,
            i fully agree with your comments.

            I just had a very strange outcome on my very last game :
            It was played against a (relatively) high rank player with somewhat exceptionnal win/loss ratio.
            The game went smoothly, easily i would say,
            and at the very moment i’m sending the last attack to finish my opponent, the game send me an error message i’ve never seen before :
            “You lost the game because you were too long in sending the command”.

            Well, i sent the command within the first second of my turn, so that’s not the correct reason. Furthermore, even if i would have been late (which happens sometimes), the normal outcome is that a random card is played instead. Not an “immediate loss”.

            So i was very suspicious, and therefore looked at the stats of my opponent, which were absolutely stellar. Maybe just a coincidence…

            Anyway, even if it is just a bug, it is somewhat a “game breaker”. I would humbly suggest to look into this one.

  4. TheNex says:

    please give me the nickname you use in the game, and the time (specify your timezone!) of that game, so I can look into it to see if there was something strange.
    I got the log of all the moves, perhaps it’s a bug in the game..


  5. Question says:

    OK, since there are some account details, i prefer to send them to you in email. Is it ?

  6. Question says:


    I noticed the server notification, a few days ago, stating that “from now on, no more draw whenever a player give up on first turn”.
    Not sure if the sentence was supposed to apply to future v1.8, or if the meaning of “give up” is different from “let the counter run down to zero”. (I guess it may also be possible to reach the process list and kill the game)

    Anyway, for your information, this still happens, and more and more frequently by the way. I’m getting many “draw” in my “recent games” list, from people leaving the game on first turn. Almost suspicious…

    • TheNex says:

      thanks for the notification.
      The new method to calculate draw games is already effective, as it’s on the server side. There are still ways around that, i.e. disconnecting the Wi-Fi before playing any card, or killing the process using the Task manager.
      I will monitor the amount of such cases, to see if there are players taking advantage of it.

      Please send me here or at my e-mail your nickname used in the game, I’ll be glad to check your games and see if there’s something wrong.