Tap That Collection Released on WP7!
August 3, 2012
Castle Siege Main Menu - Beta
Castle Siege Beta – Register here!
August 17, 2012

Putt Masters Released!

Putt Masters Art

Putt Masters has been released on the Windows Marketplace!

You will find all the details, as well as video and screenshots in the dedicated page!


Have fun!


  1. George says:

    On the second hole on the Sunai Island course, the ball gets stuck in the spinning wheel.

  2. Libbey says:

    My wife and I really enjoy your game, thanks for making the online tools available so we can play each other’s course!

  3. Libbey says:

    Any chance on this coming to W8/RT marketplace? I love this game (the course editor and uploading online is really cool) on my WP and think it would be a hit on tablets!

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