Creation of an android game
Creation of an Android game – #1 Introduction
January 22, 2012

Grab And Run 1.0 Released


Grab And Run has been released in the Android Market!

I’m glad to say that my first Android game Grab And Run is now available for free in the android market.

I have implemented everything I wanted for the first release, but there are still a bunch of things I wish to improve in the next versions:

– More levels: even the 10 current levels are quite a challenge, I wish to keep adding new levels on a regular basis

– Different input modes: the physical keyboard support has already been implemented, but I would like to add  accelerometer support as well

– Different character styles: the game already support different style for the player and enemies characters, I will add them as soon as I can prepare the sprites

– Different levels of difficulty: just to make it more fun for skilled players

– Implement scoreloop challenges and leaderboards


Find out more info about the game in the dedicated page !


Available in Android Market

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