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December 12, 2012
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March 15, 2013

Arcane Quest Released!

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Arcane Quest has finally been released in the Android market and Windows marketplace!

Find more information in the dedicated page here!



  1. Rob Vega says:

    Hi Nexgames,

    I’ve been playing Arcane Quest and have to say I love it to bits. It brings back the good old memories of the 1990’s. They feel and play style is perfect and almost a match.

    I’m looking to donate more cash than the meagre amount I paid for the game. Is there a way I can donate money to your company so you can make more fantastic games?

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Rob,
      thanks for your interest and support. There’s actually no way to donate for the game, but if you like it please share it on the web or with your friends, that’s the best way to keep the development alive.
      I’m now thinking about 2 major features:
      – A quest editor
      – Multiplayer modes
      Plus maybe one or two new heroes and new items/spells.

      Follow the site or the facebook page to know if there’s any news 🙂
      Kind Regards

  2. Marc says:


    I’m loving the game so far, brings back some memories. I do however have some suggestions for improvement, maybe it can be of help for an update;

    – I’d like the AI to act a little less predicatable. When you’re in front of a room you can just use your heroes to form a U before the door and trap all the enemies. This is because the enemies will one by one run out of the door in reach of all the heroes. My suggestion is to have the AI do nothing when you open the door, force the heroes to go into the room and make them disperse.
    – The AI sometimes has a monster attack me through a door I haven’t even opened yet. I’m not sure if this is valid in the heroquest game
    – Going through the ‘a world in danger’ quest I gathered more money then I could ever spend by level 8, if the shop is sold out it’s no fun to play anymore
    – Why would I have to but the ultimate version? It’s not clear for me which extras it has.

    Best regards and thanks for the nice game !

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Marc,
      thanks a lot for your suggestions. I will keep them into consideration during the next update.

      To answer your question, the Ultimate Edition will give you basically 3 things:
      – 2 Entire extra quests, The Lost Rune and The Arena, in addition to A World in danger.
      – It removes the in game advertising, that may bother some of the players
      – My gratitude for supporting the development of the game 🙂

      Thanks again and regards

  3. Thalun says:

    I love the game but spends a lot of battery (Galaxy Note)
    Do you plan to improve that?
    would be great to have a level editor ^^

    • TheNex says:

      i don’t know much about batteries, i’m sorry..
      An editor could be available, but only on Windows (desktop, not windows phone). It’s already done, just need better presentation.

      I’m opening a very small forum in this website to gather all the feature requests for the games 🙂


  4. Jules says:

    Nice adaptation of the good old HeroQuest! It was great if you could manage to add the different add ons later (there was something with more magic, different chars, something with barbarians, ogre hordes etc.)! And yes, the shop AND the presentation of the non-tetsting version need improvement. By the way, how about a SpaceQuest or SpaceHulk adaptation?

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Jules,
      more updates will come if I see the game is performing well in the markets. It takes a lot of time to design new things so I will carefully choose what the users request, for example I think an editor and the multiplayer are 2 features many would like to see.

      Now that the engine is done, would probably be easier to port other games, such the ones you mentioned. We’ll see, I also like to try difference genres to entertain you guys.

      Thank you

  5. Antonio says:


    I wanted to thank you for the translation into Spanish. This game brings back good memories. It would be perfect if you could put more heroes, items and spells, and a dungeon editor will be great. Although it would be best if you can add online gameplay.

    In every way the game is the best thing I bought for my phone.

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Antonio,
      you can thanks a nice guy named Gerardo for the translation in spanish 🙂
      I will try to improve the games with new heroes and items, dungeon editor and online gameplay, it will just take some time..
      Thanks for your support and regards

  6. Paul Erickson says:

    Just started playing today and I have to say that I am very impressed. Nice classic feel. A couple suggestions if I may…first thing….more class selections with being able to modify names. The strategy seems a little one dimensional….basically send your toughest dude in and clean house. Definitely more spells and more character/monster info and stats. A help page included with some tips and tricks perhaps? Keep up the great work!!!

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  8. Shadow_Talon says:

    Here’s my two cents on 1) CHANGES I’d like to see made and 2) things I’d like to stay the SAME. In summary it’d be awesome to have more of a single player D&D feel to it. THIS will INCREASE the PLAYABILITY and REPLAY of this game drastically.

    I’ve had this app for about 4 days and i’m already SICK OF PLAYING it because there is no point. It’s the same game play as the first time, the only change is the random dice rolls/outcome in fights.


    *Action set-up (Only one major action, attack/search:trap/search:treasure, was able to be used per turn along with minor action use, item/move(once)/etc…)

    *# of traps/treasure (I always had the feeling I needed to search every room/hall for a trap which gave me the feeling of caution, rather than “lets just run through here”)

    *Graphics (I LOVE the square tile set layout with the pogs you have. Don’t change it. You can easily incorporate 2-4+ square pog creatures into that set like dragons, etc…)

    HERE’S how to INCREASE:

    *Continual use of this app



    *User Experience

    I understand these changes will cost money and time to make. However, I never have purchased an app and I’d pay $5+ for the app if you did the following:

    -XP to spend on skills and attributes (lvl up, skill points, attribute points, aka classic D&D set up) This would make for a funner and more personal gameplay rather than a generic run through. The only “customization” you have now is what the character wears.

    -Wider variety of items at the shop (More class specific items w/ attribute bonus’ and lvl reqs)

    -Random map/creature generation (So if you play the same “story” again, it’s not going to be the “same” layout with the “same” creatures in the “same” spots.)

    -Character Creation (aka roll for skill/attribute points. The only customization you have now is what “element” you want the ranger, which is GOOD, but that’s all…)

    -Difficulty Levels (Have preset difficulty levels per dungeon that are based on the party size, yet still randomly generate mobs/traps etc…)

    -Item trade/sell/buy (I didn’t like when I had one character search a room and find a potion that I would like another character to use… annoying… Being able to trade between characters would be nice as well as purchasing items at the shop. ALSO, having items roll over between dungeons instead of reseting like they do now.)

    -Perception & Initiation (It’s not a huge deal, but it’s nice to have initiation rolls for combat. Maybe the creature heard the PC before he opened the door and gets the jump on him, or maybe the PC peaks under a door/around the corner to see a group of goblins and gets the jump on them, aka, two attack opportunities for the char who succeeds in the roll, etc…)

    -Mobs auto move (Again, not a huge deal, but it’d increase the suspense if the PC moves past a hall that he thought was empty, but then a patrolling mobs comes up on his back)

    -Mob Improvement (I didn’t like how Mobs knew where my WHOLE group was once I saw them, even if one of the members of my group was in a completely different area of the map, or just unseen by that mob.)

    I’m sure there is more I can think of, but I think I’ve covered the basic essentials Thanks for making this game, keep with it!!

  9. Xeon667 says:

    Hi, is there any plan to bring that game to iphone? would be very nice

  10. ARCHIE says:

    hi..i have started playing arcane quest 2 days back ..& it appears like an addiction,is this game available for PC?please reply

    • TheNex says:

      i’m glad you like the game. A windows version would be possible, but i’m so busy right now I cannot even think about it.
      Let’s see in the future, perhaps it could come.

      Kind regards

  11. Satea says:

    I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now, I’m now on my third play through. Please make more additions! This game is awesome!

    Also, I would like to know who composed the soundtrack and what equipment they used. Thanks!

    • TheNex says:

      thanks for your interest and support. I’m slowly working on it, just be patient 🙂
      The soundtrack is a free piece available on the web, I honestly don’t know the artists but they’re just great people to allow independent developers like me to use it 🙂

  12. Cwietu says:


    This game looks really nice, the first impression is very good and I’m sure I would like to play it much more. But I have one problem – when I am next to a monster and tap it, I can only see it’s info and no attack button. Should I buy any weapon to be able to attack or is it problem with my device maybe (it’s Galaxy Tab 2) ? Thanks in advance for any info.

    • Cwietu says:

      Sorry, I didn’t notice instruction saying to perform an action OR attack, I tried to attack after searching for traps or treasures. So now I can fully enjoy the game and it is fantastic :). The only small problem I have is very slow sliding of game board. When I slide my finger across whole screen the board moves only by 1 square. Would it be possible to make it a bit more sensitive? I was also thinking about two other things – one is possibility to automatically resolve attack after hitting button, without need to tap twice to start and stop rolling dice; the other is making a grid of all available spells or items so that all of them are visible on a screen, there would be no need to slide through all. Anyway thanks a lot for this great game, I’m really looking forward to buy and play all the quests. And sorry for my english, it’s not my language.

  13. Jonathan says:


    First off, thanks for creating this game! used to play the original with my cousins when I was 10, and this completely captures the feel. brings back lots of happy memories. I’ve played a few ports on the PC over the years, but this is by far the best to date in my opinion. one minor question though – if I pick poison for the high elf, he gets three spells, but only one for the other types. the mage only gets three spells total. if I remember correctly, in the board game the elf gets to pick a category (3 spells) and the mage gets the other 9 spell cards. is that what’s supposed to happen in your game? in any case, really enjoying this, thanks again for the development and looking forward to more! maybe, please? 🙂

  14. Tim says:


    Love Arcade Quest but do have a couple of suggestions.

    Rolling for character movement is a drag.
    Just give them a standard movement rate similar to the monsters.
    Have about adding a bow or crossbow and let it attack at range?

    Keep up the good work…

  15. Antonio says:

    Thank you for the level editor. Now we can make the game bigger and with many more missions. Now I dedicate to create a few missions. Thanks for your effort.

    PS: Only lacks online play to be my number one game

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Antonio,
      hope you enjoy the editor and find it easy to use. Please report any problem or suggestion, I know it’s not really user friendly 😀

      P.S. I am italian 😉

  16. Swatz says:

    I see people giving nice suggestions. I wouldn’t mind seeing the dice roll in a faster way, when you select auto. I wouldn’t even mind just seeing the numbers. I only get to play in spurts, when waiting in lines or on the phone and the such, so it seems to take up too much of the play time, always watching the dice roll.

    I know it’s a narrow specification, but everyone else mentioned most of the real changes I would have mentioned.

    The dice roll is a nice feel though, and I see why you have it there. Especially at first, when you like to click on them for the rolls. After playing for a while though, it lost the initial luster.

    That rambling aside, I just wanted to say most of us understand it’s an crazy amount of work to be the solo developer, and we obviously think you’re doing a great job. We enjoy your product, otherwise we wouldn’t be here asking for more, or suggesting comments.

    I hope among all these things you have a chance to take a deep breath and realize we appreciate and are impressed by your work.

  17. The Limey says:

    Just wondering how to actually cast a healing spell on group mates?

    Everytime i use the mage heal sphere which stats it heals party members, nobody heals? must be missing something easy here but cant seem to get it lol.

    Great game, love the board game and spent lots of hours and fun times playing this with my cousins back in the day!

    • TheNex says:

      to cast a healing spell you must tap on the hero you want to heal. Then you should tap on the spell icon.
      I guess perhaps you’re tapping on the wizard? You must tap the target of your spell, not the caster.
      Hope that helps, otherwise please let me know.


  18. Daniel says:

    Multiplayer would be soooooooo good… the game is great!!!

  19. Carlos says:

    Entering a room with a chest, in the Player menu appears enabled an icon (chest) that if we pressed in it provide us with a treasure. But if then, or even before you do so, use the magnifying glass on any chest placed in the floor of the same room, also gives us another treasure (unless it has designed empty. It would seem to be a kind of duplication.The editor is excellent and pushes the game itself far long its price.


  20. etms51 says:

    TheNex you can see the list of the my issues about this game on the board.

    please fix these issues.

  21. Adam says:

    The game is amazing. Could there be a way to design your own levels and then post them for others to try and for you to try theirs? That could a nice little addition.

    • Adam says:

      Just been reading the comments and saw that you are able to do what I suggested. Sorry for any wasted time.

      Game is even better than I thought now 😀

  22. andrea says:

    i recently installed arcane quest.
    look really nice but after taping the screen for enter in the dungeon i cant do anything because touch screen dont accept command.
    what can i do?
    android jelly bean 4.1.2
    on prestigio pap 5300 phone.
    can help me please?

    • TheNex says:

      Hi Andrea,
      I had another user with the same problem and tried to fix it for several days, without a solution.
      It appears to happen only on a very few phone models. I’m very sorry but don’t think I can fix it 🙁

  23. Antonio says:

    With online play this will be the best game con android…

  24. Conan says:

    Hi NexGame Studio:

    I love your android game so much and would like to adopt the new heroes, monster, cards and items on my board game (yes, I am still playing the good old classic Heroquest board game with friends). Do you have some sort of data sheets available for download as references for the tabletop board game?

  25. Conan says:

    Hello NexGame Studio,

    Wow!!! You make my day!!! Four new awesome heroes choices, several monster additions, tons of dungeon goodies, not just in my android, but now on my tabletop as well!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for all these for 20 years!!!

    A thousand THANKS to you, from me and our gaming pals!!!!!!!! Be assured that these will keep us busy for years to come!!

    Suggestions for Arcane Quest 2? I do have some ideas! I already send you the email for discussion as requested.

  26. Stefan says:

    Hello NexGame Studio,

    The game is awesome and I enjoy playing it a lot. I have some suggestions:

    1. Is it possible to make the consumable items found throughout a dungeon (dragon ring, potions, scrolls etc) carry on through the next dungeon or can be sold to the shop?

    2. Some magical weapons and armour would be nice (weapons can enhance damage, do damage over certain rounds, have more chance to hit etc etc)

    3. Increase the max number of dice. If the warrior is already rolling 6 dice for damage and he has a weapon giving him +2 extra rolls let it increase to 8 rolls

    4. Make weapons and armour drop (with a very small percent)

    5. A level editor would be nice and a place where we can share the levels (maybe an import function in the game that points to a place in your website and we can select which dungeons to download from the whole list)

    Once again thank you for the awesome game!

    • TheNex says:

      Hi, you will find this and much more on arcane quest 2!! Under development now.

      There is already a quest editor! Check this blog, there is a dedicated post, and you can share your creations with the other players! Check the online section of the game 🙂

  27. Bruno says:


    At first, thanks for making this HeroeQuest similar game. 🙂

    I’ve just ordered the ultimate edition on the google playstore.
    On Android 5.1 with an Acer Iconia one 10 (octacore), the click does not work on the icons like dices, so i can’t move.
    But i’ve noticed that i click four times quickly on an icon or a selected green square, the game works like a simple click has been done.

    I’ve tried different parameters, but nothing works.

    Can you find this bug and make an update please ?

    Best regards

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