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March 15, 2013
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June 20, 2013

Arcane Quest Editor – Released!

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The Quests Editor for Arcane Quest has been released!

Please follow the link below:

Download the quest editor here

The editor requires a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8.


  1. Altair says:

    Is it possible to release a test versio of self-made Quest? So I could test it by myself in the game?

    • TheNex says:

      when you first release your quest using the publish button, it will be released in a TEST status. Only you can see and download it in your phone. You can then test, change it, publish it again.
      Once everything looks fine, you can use the “Public Release” button, which will release the quest to the public.

      Please let me know if you need any help.

  2. Bryan says:

    How do i publish the quest? it says i need the passcode.

    • TheNex says:

      Just open the game and go in the online menu..
      When u register u get the passcode. If u alreaduly registered, just click the key button.

      • Dennis Jedreigh says:

        Where’s the online menu? Can’t find it. Please help. I have the latest version of the android game.

  3. Cepp73 says:

    Go ahead. It is excellent. Hero Quest like game as it best.
    Quest Editor adds an infinite value to the game.
    Is there a duplication or something like that when we place chests on rooms and appears on the menu the chest icon for tapping?
    Thank you for your job. The game deserves higher price.

    Adelante, es excelente. Hero Quest a su mejor nivel.
    La publicación del Editor de misiones agrega infinito valor.
    No existe una duplicación en el tratamiento de los baúles cuando uno ubica uno de ellos en un cuarto y aparece un ícono para pulsar en el menu?
    Gracias por vuestro trabajo. El juego vale más que el precio fijado.

  4. aaron says:

    Would be neat if you could create your own graphics for the floors using a jpg.

  5. Ashes.02 says:

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  6. Zelifano says:

    I once had a table game, Hero Quest, very similar to Arcane Quest. I don’t care if you took the idea from it or not, I’m not here to condamn you, I just thank you to have turned such a fantastic table rpg into a more fantastic phone rpg

  7. Pedro says:

    Hi, how can I enable potions in chests in arcane quest editor? I want to release a quest but I can’t put potions for the heroes to find.

  8. Joseph says:

    Sorry, but all tries I did in box wed – including “sing up” option became in zero possibiloies downloading the editor files. The box web entered in a bucle and disfunctional step, no files downloaded!!

    Could you put it in other server like mediafire or similar?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for the HD app performance!

  9. Ninguno300 says:

    I could do a three dungeon quest but coudn’t release it! It says incorrect key, I enter the game key also my player ID, but all was useless TT_TT