Arcane Quest Adventures
Arcane Quest Adventures Released!
August 29, 2015
Arcane Quest 3 game hero classes trailer
Arcane Quest 3 – Hero classes presentation
December 19, 2015

Arcane Quest 3 is under development

Enough said, Arcane Quest 3 is under development and will be released the next winter season.

Get ready to fight some orcs!


  1. Waiting says:

    Great news!

    This game is awesome and I just hope the classes get a better balance.

  2. SuperMan says:

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeat news!

  3. luis says:

    Looking forward to new version . Will Portuguese be a language option in this one ? Is there a bata test version available ?

    • TheNex says:

      unfortunately I don’t think so. Arcane Quest 3 has a lot more text than the others, and translating it would be very expensive. I could use google translator, same I did for Arcane Quest 2 and Adventures, but I think the result would be quite bad!

  4. Android MBA says:

    My Arcane Quest Adventures just updated tomorrow with the following message: “Preparation for Arcane Quest 3 Release”, so I can presume the day is close 😉

    The other games were epic already, this one will be legendary.

  5. Adilson says:

    Eu tô gostando muito do jogo os mapa o sistema de guilda a jogabilidade o sistema de compra de crédito do jogo a seleção de personagens muito top. Tô ansioso para versão full

  6. Adilson says:

    Nex games Studios dou os parabéns para vocês o arcane quest 3 um dos melhores jogos de rpg que já joguei supero os outros arcane quest 1,arcane quest 2,arcane quest 1 edição limitada e arcane quest adventure. Ansioso para jogar a versão full para android do arcane quest 3