Arcane Quest 2 Wallpaper 5
Arcane Quest 2 Now Available
November 22, 2014
Tap That Universe
Tap That Universe game coming soon!
March 11, 2015
Arcane Quest 2 Wallpaper 5
Arcane Quest 2 Now Available
November 22, 2014
Tap That Universe
Tap That Universe game coming soon!
March 11, 2015

Arcane Quest 2 Editor Released

Arcane Quest 2 Wallpaper 3

The officiale Arcane Quest 2 Editor has been released, and can be downloaded following the link below.

Using the editor along with the game, you will be able to create your own epic quests and share them with the players from all around the world.

The quests created using the editor are compatible with all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone, using the game version 2.1.0 or greater.

System requirements:
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
– .Net Framework 4 (automatically downloaded is missing)


Arcane Quest 2 Editor Download


  1. quyd says:

    Update is bugged, dice display is corrupted.

  2. Miguel Leon says:

    is there anywhere to download player created quest?

    • TheNex says:

      in the game click the “Online” button, and you will be able to download and play user’s quests 🙂

  3. Dandelion says:

    Quote from Help:
    “Mouse Middle Button: Load item or character special attributes”
    Seems this doesn’t work. Don’t get access to special attributes at all.

    How can a monster be designated as the level boss?

    • TheNex says:

      Check out the bottom/right part of the screen.

      To set a boss, middle-click the enemy, and in that panel check the option “Required to exit”.


      • Dandelion says:

        Although middle-click generally works on my (windows 7) system, it doesn’t cause an effect in the editor.
        Known issue?

        >>Check out the bottom/right part of the screen.< Level Map?
        Can’t find special attributes anywhere.

        Kind Regards

        • Dandelion says:

          Ooops. Found it (by scrolling down in the red frame). *facepalm* m(
          Extensively tried with the “wrong” searchables. Not all have special attributes.

          • Dandelion says:

            After gaining some experience with the editor, I’m pretty sure now that there has actually been a problem in the beginning, which was probably solved by a system reboot due to a windows update.
            For the case that anybody else should meet the same problem – here my recommendations:
            – Place an enemy character in the Level Map, then middle-click its icon in the map. After that, the icon should be highlighted by a blue frame and the special attributes appear at the bottom right corner of the window inside the red frame. Probably it will be nessecary to scroll down to see the special attributes.
            – If the character icon isn’t highlighted after middle-clicking (as it was at my first tries), a system reboot might solve the problem.

            – Not all searchable items have special attributes. But as far as I could find out, all enemy characters have special attributes.
            – If you don’t have a middle mouse button, try the windows keyboard mouse to emulate it. (
            I use this in combination with my touchpad on my notebook.

            Hope my remarks myght be helpful… 😉

  4. Anjim says:

    Hello team.
    In the version “V.1.0.0” the “Level Map” tab is disabled (for me).
    Is it possible to manually create the rooms and their components?